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She was beyond a doubt the ultimate narcissist, and put forth unredeemable abuse onto Elliot for his lack of 'refinedness'.

And he kept overlooking how she was just a total witch. It's abuse, and just because the main character is a woman, doesn't mean her horrid behavior is ignorable.

See more » In the last scene Hannah parks her car right in front of Elliot's front door and walks around the car to get to the door.

When she comes out again she walks about eight paces uphill to get to her car.

See more » Honestly I don't know how this movie could be on Hallmark except that the 'charm' was of that caliber.

I will say that this movie is hardly a romance except for the last 30 seconds where the two main characters kiss.

It would have been nice to see some sort of emotion out of her, maybe a moment of vulnerability. And that's honestly all I needed to like her, but it failed miserably.

The 'makeover' context was more about his speech and mannerisms from beer vendor to politician.

Julia Stiles' character, however, was the prototypical narcissist.

The classic rock and roll song Dirty Water which plays during the bowling scene and at the end is the original 1966 version by the Standells.

The lyrics include references to the pollution of the Charles River and Boston Harbor.

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But, according to fountain mythology, they only have a week to turn those dreams into reality.

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