78 almost complete dating guide record rpm things to ask a guy when you start dating

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78 almost complete dating guide record rpm

There’s a certain rev range where the clattering is louder than most (between 2,500 to 3,000 rpm), but again, this isn’t a deal breaker.

With a better power-to-weight ratio and no unnecessary weight from a transfer case (it must be remembered that the 3.0 V is full-time all-wheel drive), the 2.5 V manages 10.38 km/L—that’s 17 percent and 6 percent better than the 3.0 V and non-VNT 2.5 models respectively.

These numbers may pale in comparison to newer SUVs out there, but in reality, the Fortuner is actually able to make full use of its wider, flatter power band.

In fact, the 3.0-liter and 2.5-liter engines produce the exact same torque figures with the bigger engine only achieving it earlier and sustaining it much longer in the rev range: 1,400 to 3,200 rpm versus 1,600 to 2,800 rpm. Combined with a lower curb weight for the 4x2 (150 kilograms less), it makes the 2.5 V quick off the line and capable at overtaking.

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You’re looking at what’s possibly the final iteration of the Toyota Fortuner.

Although the basic shape is carried over from when it first launched, it has remained fairly modern.

The conservative design helps it to age gracefully while imbuing it with remarkable road presence.

And although Toyota could have afforded not to change anything, they modernized it with not just one but three refreshes over the decade.

It has proven so strong that despite increased competition from American, Japanese, and Korean quarters, the Fortuner has remained a top-of-mind choice in its class.

As Filipino consumers are almost ready to bid farewell to this successful chapter in Toyota’s history, it seems appropriate enough to drive the swansong version in its newly launched variant, the 2.5 V.

The latest one builds up on the last major redesign in 2012 by darkening elements such as the alloy wheels and tail lamp cluster.

The front fog lamp housing has also been revamped with a new chrome strip adding just the right touch of bright work to the car.

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Toyota made the inspired move to swap it out for a monotone black interior that not only hides the simplistic surface treatments, but as a family-oriented vehicle, easier to clean as well.

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