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Is ruby gettinger dating denny

Despite the heartbreak, she got back up to her feet thanks to the love and support of the people around her.

Inspired by her progress, Gettinger wanted to help obese people live a healthier life and fight food addiction.

With the help of her friends and inspired by Helen Keller, she documented her journey on video to record her personal progress and for self motivation.

She never waited for New Year or any other specific date and time to change her lifestyle, she started immediately.

The show followed her weight loss journey, showed the everyday problems faced by obese people, while Gettinger provided insightful comments regarding the experiences she went through, sometimes humorously.

A personal chef cooked healthy meals that helped her get past sugar addiction and redirected her cravings towards vegetables.

However, her relationship with Starr corroded as the latter found her weight unattractive, despite her efforts in losing much of it.

They eventually split up in 2001, and Gettinger went back home to Savannah.

The medical findings revealed Gettinger had a fatty liver and her A1c is off the charts.

Her trainers got her into walking on the treadmill, boxing, weight-lifting, and dancing as part of her exercise routine.

Viewers also get a glimpse of Gettinger’s devoted and fun-loving family and friends.

Support from friends, both in real life and in social media, helped Ruby especially when failure seemed to draw near.

As she progressed, Gettinger realized that her journey was more than for the sake of losing weight.

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She gorged on chips, processed food, and sweets without even minding what was on the label, and estimated a daily consumption that amounted to 5,000 calories.