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Attractive online dating names

Mega X – Cool name to call a huge guy, just swap X for the first letter of his name.

Bitsy – A good nickname for a man of small stature. Captain Black – this is the name of a little cigar. Captain Cookie – a name for Dutch pirate; one who is magnetically attractive in a dark way. Charming – short of “Prince Charming”, handsome, prince. Fire Cracker – term for a weed sandwich; here, it is one who is exceptionally sexy, appetizing, dizzyingly attractive. Frozen fire – cute name to call a quiet but hot-tempered guy. Hunny – sweetheart, short for “honey”, love of my life. Jeet – from Hindi – victorious, one who conquered your heart.

Ladies Man – a guy who is chivalrous, gallant and a killer in looks.

Lapooheart – one with whom you share your heart; one who lives in your heart. Lifeline – a man who’s always for you; a guy without whom you cannot live.

Liljay – a famous rapper; one who is street-smart and talented. You can adopt this for any guy, “Lil-name” Little puff – a person who gets his way no matter what. Love bug – told to husband or one who is likely to become one. Machoman – handsome, good looking, sexy and charismatic. Major – impressive in strength and gallantry; a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved.

Log – one who is well endowed and jaw-dropping sexy. Lord of the Vikings – aggressive, hot, loud and rough. Marshmallow – Sweet nickname to call your boyfriend.

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Anchor – romantic name to call a boy who has won your heart.

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