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Some of these are seen in tourist restaurants, while others are primarily home-cooked dishes, sometimes made for special holidays and events. Menu Items Ackee and saltfish - The national breakfast dish is ackee and saltfish.

“Everyone looks forward to it.” Rundown – This entrée is pickled fish cooked in a seasoned coconut milk until the fish just falls apart or literally “runs down.” Solomon gundy - This appetizer, eaten on crackers, is a pâté whose main ingredient is pickled fish.

Jerk is one of the ultimate Jamaican dishes, dating back to the island’s earliest days.

The practice of cooking the meat over the flame was started by the Arawak Indians and then later seasoned up by the Maroons.

Look for the red, green and gold Rasta colors on dining establishments as a clue to locating Ital eateries, which are often quite small. The main ingredient – pork, chicken or fish – is marinated with a fiery mixture of spices, including Scotch bonnet, a pepper that makes a jalapeño taste like a marshmallow, pimento or allspice, nutmeg and thyme.

It’s all served up with even more hot sauce, rice and peas, and the wonderful festival bread (see above).

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In Jamaican grocery stores you can also find bottled escovitch sauce to make the preparation easier.

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