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The Plant family's terrible tragedy came during what was supposed to be a triumphant American tour for Zeppelin.Two years earlier, the band had been forced off the road for an extended spell when Plant and his wife were involved in a serious car accident while visiting the Greek island of Rhodes.Shortly after arriving in the city, Plant received the devastating news, half a world away and helpless to join his son during his confusing final moments."The first phone call said his son was sick," said tour manager Richard Cole, describing a fateful pair of calls from Plant's wife. with Griffin, "She didn't share my penchant for cider and the Black Country character I became after four pints of Thatchers (cider).ROBERT Plant is one of the founding fathers of rock 'n' roll, and he's been thrilling music fans with his haunting vocals for close to 50 years."After the death of my son Karac in 1977, I received a lot of support from [Bonham], and I went through the mill because the media turned on the whole thing and made it even worse," Plant told Barney Hoskyns."I had to look after my family and at that time, as we regrouped, I applied to take a job at a Rudolph Steiner training college in Sussex.

"We didn't have any instruments for a month," he once lamented.

"It was also the beginning of Robert having much more power over what the band did or didn’t do next.

He truly no longer cared and therefore was ready to walk at any point if they didn’t fit in with him.

Because no matter what we say, entertainers are usually quite insecure, wobbly characters underneath – and maybe that bit of glory or that bit of expression or whatever it is compensates in some area. The other guys were [from] the South [of England] and didn’t have the same type of social etiquette that we have up here in the North that could actually bridge that uncomfortable chasm with all the sensitivities required ...

to console."Zeppelin biographer Mick Wall took Plant's comments a step further, claiming that the distance Robert Plant describes was even more profound -- and that when Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and Grant declined to appear at Karac's funeral, it created a rift that never truly healed.

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As the frontman of Led Zeppelin, the British singer commanded idolatry with his thrilling performances. Robert Plant is a singer-songwriter and musician best-known for being the lead singer of Led Zeppelin.

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