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Inside the venue, both of them "were very low-key and kept to themselves. It was not known on what they were talking about at the coffee shop and where they were heading to after the meeting.

Nobody bothered them," a source in the know told E! Exiting the venue, Taylor and Selena were seen jumping into the same car. And while, there haven't been words from both Taylor and Selena on the nature of their relationship, a source has informed that prior to the particular meeting, the twosome had dinner at a local outpost of the Old Spaghetti Factory recently.

Or even if it were, history points to it being just a bump in the road for a friendship that has so far outlasted all the guys and all the grief.

Do you remember what middle school and high school was like in the clique and clash departments?

The tween years can indeed provide a foundation for developing solid, life-long friendships—but you don't know what that actually means then.

And beforehand, Taylor seemed to be conspicuously missing from the Louis Vuitton crew pic, Selena instead cozying up to fellow LV-wearer Miranda Kerr.

Nor did Taylor and Selena have their own Olsen twins moment in Last but not least !

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And not only have they been there for each other through thick and thin, boyfriends and breakups, cookie baking and "Bad Blood," they've been honest about the difficulties of maintaining a BFFship over time, distance and the rigors of being teenagers and, later, 22.