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Lord please forgive me for when I have acted out towards him/her when I shouldn’t have.God help me to remember that I am just as broken as they are and that Jesus died for him/her the same as He died for me.Like a gardener tending his crop, we can’t control the end product, we can only create the right conditions to support the unique requirements of each individual child.Buy now Verdict For new parents, Indy Best product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. Read the stories and advice of other single parents here.Plus: Resources and advice for parenting through a difficult relationship with your ex and help for widows.a lot) and provides sensible, doable strategies to help with classic flash points such as discipline, sharing and independence. Gopnik, a developmental psychologist, suggests that by over parenting and trying to ‘carve’ our children into the people we think they should be, we can actually end up limiting the potential we are trying to foster.

There's something about googley-eyed, miniature humans that make adult-sized humans gush with joy.

One of every four American children today lives in a single-parent home.

And though the circumstances may vary (some parents are divorced, others are widowed, and others are single parents by choice), the reality is that solo parenting is often stressful, demanding, and hectic.

I pray to bind the negative influences of this world over their lives and to release Your promises over them instead.

Keep them safe and healthy and allow them to be bold witnesses to their friends for Your sake.

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From a poem about morning sickness to a story about enduring a public toddler tantrum, she provides beautifully written solidarity covering both the trials and the joys of being a parent. The Artful Parent by Jean Van’t Hul: £17.99, Roost Books A gorgeous book from the creator of the eponymous blog (, Van’t Hul argues that encouraging children to enjoy art can promote creativity, problem solving and help them build relationships – as well as providing the obvious rainy day entertainment. Sex, Likes and Social Media by Alison Havey and Deana Puccio: £12.99, Vermilion This is a new book written by the co-founders of The Rap Project, an organisation which promotes awareness for teenagers negotiating social media.