Consolidating databases access liquidating working capital

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Consolidating databases access

The preceding database management systems stored data in rigid, predetermined relationships.

Because no data definition language existed, changing the structure of the data was difficult.

A SQL statement can be thought of as a very simple, but powerful, computer program or instruction.

Users specify the result that they want (for example, the names of employees), not how to derive it.

A database is an organized collection of information treated as a unit.

A Java stored procedure is a Java method published to SQL and stored in the database for general use.

Indexes can increase the performance of data retrieval.

When processing a request, the database can use available indexes to locate the requested rows efficiently.

Indexes are useful when applications often query a specific row or range of rows.

Indexes are logically and physically independent of the data.

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An RDBMS must be able to group SQL statements so that they are either all committed, which means they are applied to the database, or all rolled back, which means they are undone.

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