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What do you do if you are a thing that never tires and you just mastered a 1400-year-old game? After the Stockfish match, Alpha Zero then "trained" for only two hours and then beat the best Shogi-playing computer program "Elmo." The ramifications for such an inventive way of learning are of course not limited to games.

"We have always assumed that chess required too much empirical knowledge for a machine to play so well from scratch, with no human knowledge added at all," Kasparov said.

The ability of a machine to replicate and surpass centuries of human knowledge in complex closed systems is a world-changing tool." interviewed eight of the 10 players participating in the London Chess Classic about their thoughts on the match.

A video compilation of their thoughts will be posted on the site later.

Of Alpha Zero's 28 wins, 25 came from the white side (although 3=47-0 as Black against the 3400 Stockfish isn't too bad either).

The program had four hours to play itself many, many times, thereby becoming its own teacher. They chose not to comment to Chess.com, pointing out the paper "is currently under review" but you can read the full paper here.

"Of course I’ll be fascinated to see what we can learn about chess from Alpha Zero, since that is the great promise of machine learning in general—machines figuring out rules that humans cannot detect.

But obviously the implications are wonderful far beyond chess and other games.

One of the most important operating metrics in your Saa S start-up, if you aren’t predictably cash-flow positive, is your Zero Cash Date (“ZCD”).

You hear a lot about Saa S metrics, but this one doesn’t often come up.

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Many start-ups don’t track this religiously, or with 100% certainty, and just as importantly, don’t always share it with every single one of your investors — and your employees.