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See Bumblebee for more details on how to configure an Optimus system.Fix Unable to Install Driver Update Through Ge Force Experience: I was not able to update drivers for NVIDIA graphic card through Ge Force Experience, that’s why I have to found an alternative way which is manually downloading the drivers and updating them.Command ' tar --no-same-owner --no-same-permissions --extract --file /home/foo/tmp/nvidia/tarballs/nvidia-graphics-drivers_367.35.gz --directory /home/foo/tmp/nvidia/build-area/tmp-0.834000333984481' failed in '/home/foo/tmp/nvidia/367', how to continue now? ]: As the nvidia driver is not autodetected by Xorg, a configuration file is required to be supplied.However, the configuration described below should not be applied to Nvidia Optimus systems; on such systems, the primary X display is driven by your Intel GPU, which is autodetected by X.

Every day we add new drivers Discontinued files: We have thousands of drivers, manuals, BIOS and utilities that you won’t find on any other site.

In order to solve this problem, you need Window 10 version 1511 or later.

So our recommend is that you upgrade your system with the following steps: If your system version is lower than 1511, please upgrade to a higher version.

Download and install any prerequisites identified in the dialog window before proceeding.4.

Created in 2000, Help has 1,028,000 drivers, BIOS, manuals and utilities, the biggest collection to be found on the Internet. are those originally provided by the manufacturers.

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Recently, many users reported that they failed to use Driver Booster to update Ge Force GTX 1080 or GTX 10xx Series drivers.