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Datingworkshop org

We can also turn it into an opportunity to express our caring, gratitude, and appreciation for the people who make life more wonderful for us: those who accept us as we are; those who consider our well-being; those whose companionship keeps us company on the Journey; those whose very being makes our own hearts and souls sing with delight.We can also do something even more radical, even life-changing: WE can Be The One who loves, accepts, and cares tenderly for us with sensitivity, attention, and devotion.If we’re not in an intimate relationship, we can ache from the sense of loneliness and not belonging anywhere.

Where do we belong — where can we go where All That We Are (including our “warts and farts and ugly parts”) is welcomed and tenderly embraced and celebrated?Living as we do in a mainstream culture that supports isolation and superficial entertainments rather than meaningful connection and belonging, these are the kinds of anguishing questions that can arise for us on any day.Valentine’s Day can just one of the most difficult.Six alumni traveled to the Eliot Innovation K-8 School in Boston for “JA in a Day”, a full-day program for students conducted in their regular school classrooms.Read full post This February the network held its annual on-campus event focused on helping current i Cons students get a head start on their careers.

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As the i Cons program kicked off its eighth year, ten of our alumni returned to the UMass campus to present the second edition of the i Cons Survival Guide, our annual event focused on preparing current undergraduates with the tools they need for success in the i Cons program.