Online personal sex ads free

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Online personal sex ads free

Craigslist — the central hub for free online classified advertisements, auto financing and personals ads — is once again finding itself at the center of multiple Craig’s List controversies.

This is a 22 percent increase from Craig’s List estimated earnings last year.I would like everybody here to know that this was not a juvenile joke, that Ken Ahearn is not the victim, that I am the victim.This is a terroristic act that continued for over 30 days that never should have happened.JAMESON COOK--THE MACOMB DAILY Greg Santo characterizes the illicit, disgusting online personal ads created by former co-worker Ken Ahearn an attempt to terrorize him and his family.Santo spoke at the sentencing for Ahearn, a former Macomb County Public Works employee who created fake, vulgar ads on soliciting sex acts accompanied by the telephone numbers of Santo and Joe Betz, both public works employees, resulting in calls at all hours over a period of weeks.

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These Craigslist sex ads have encountered numerous legal challenges in 40 states, with law enforcement saying Craig’s List is responsible for removing ads “used for illegal ends.”At the same time the Connecticut attorney general was raising arguments with his letter to Craigslist, a New York dad is wishing he had not posted his ad.

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