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Who is duncan james dating now

’ “I’m like, wow we’re getting to the legend area now.I had someone on the street the other day shout, ‘Duncan you legend’ and I felt like we are getting old.” Blue: All Rise: Our Story is available now.

“However, I know deep down Tara would have loved nothing more than to meet someone, settle down and be happy.” Palmer-Tomkinson was found in her London flat by her cleaner.In the post James said: ‘ Builders working on a flat below the one belonging to the former Sunday Times columnist reported hearing a loud-bang from her property five days before she was found by her cleaner.Last year Tara revealed she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.everybody knows our faces and has done for a long time.“We’re embedded into people’s minds of who we are now, so when we get together and perform, there is definitely a nostalgia feeling and there is more of an admiration now for Blue than there ever has been.” He said: “I keep getting people tweeting me saying they used to love Blue growing up, that ‘you lot are legends!

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Palmer-Tomkinson had a number of high profile relationships including Robbie Williams, Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes and East Enders’ Actor Sid Owen.

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