Ali roberto dating

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She may have made San Diego her home, but Ali Fedowtowsky isn't going to trust her trademark blonde hair to anyone but the best.

Roberto will meet Ali's family first, and he brought a bag! Over dinner, Ali's mom asks him to elaborate more on his mom. Seems too soon, but then again, these people are barreling down on wedded bliss after only a couple weeks. Ali's dad grills Chris about his relationship with Ali. Dad has "no problem" with Chris asking Ali to marry him. Ali says, "My heart feels like it's exploding out of my chest! I don't want to say good-bye to Roberto.", game over? It wasn't an easy decision." Oh god, he looks so sad. Roberto says he loves Ali because she's smart and "challenges" him every single day. Ali and Roberto have a secret handshake! They got a place together in San Diego and are making a real go at things.

Will it be sexy salsa dancer Roberto or quiet romantic Chris?

If you forgot or didn't know, I'm in California for the semi-annual Television Critics Association Press Tour.

And the new look won't go to waste - the relality star is expecting fiance Roberto Martinez to arrive in LA later.

She tweeted: 'Photo shoot in LA today...which basically means I get to play dress up for the day :) Excited for Roberto to get here later tonight!

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Millions of viewers saw Ali pick Roberto as her soulmate in an emotional finale to the TV series.