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By the early 1700s, it had grown into one of Virginia's most developed and affluent towns, rivaling its sister settlement of Yorktown on the other side of the York River because of the region's unusually fertile tobacco plantations.Fortified again during the Revolution and the Civil War, the site has provided a rich stream of archaeological evidence since the first excavations were conducted here during the early 1970s, Brown said.He survived the siege to have descendents, including a branch of the family that immigrated to Canada and now has members living in Greensboro, N. Craig Chadwick and his wife, Janine, were flabbergasted when Black — who learned about the find through her ties to the Gloucester-based preservation group The Fairfield Foundation — shared the unexpected news through a post on "It's just amazing.

========================================================================= *\ Border setting \* ========================================================================= */ /*!Three centuries after it rose from the banks of the York River at Gloucester Point, there is no apparent sign that the once flourishing hamlet of Gloucester Town ever existed.Widened and relocated for the opening of the first Coleman Bridge, Route 17 plowed through the old town grid in the 1950s,...Widened and relocated for the opening of the first Coleman Bridge, Route 17 plowed through the old town grid in the 1950s,... John Erickson)Densely compacted during the 1983 construction of a parking lot, the hard, tightly bound clay slowed the excavation from the beginning, DATA co-owner Dave Brown said, describing how hard digging added weeks to the project.Then there was the discovery of more than 640 features ranging from postholes, trash pits and boundary ditches to the artifact-filled cellars of post-in-ground structures."The sheer volume of features we uncovered was much greater than anticipated," Brown said."There's a lot of stuff."Mapped in 1608, Gloucester Point became the site of a pioneering tobacco warehouse in 1633 and was fortified against Dutch raiders in the late 1600s.

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We were giddy when we saw the inscription."Link to the past Commissioned as part of an $11 million construction project, the excavation began in March 2016 with a preliminary survey of the 2-acre-plus site using ground-penetrating radar.

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