Updating rma

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Updating rma

The prevented planting factor varies by crop, based on an estimate of pre-planting costs.Q: Is prevented planting coverage designed to cover the value of the crop or just inputs needed to produce a crop?Q: What changes have been initiated as part of this review?A: Effective for the spring of 2017, RMA revised crop insurance provisions to simplify the process for updating prevented planting coverage factors.RMA made the evaluation available for public comment, and received 27 comments from 16 commenters.The commenters identified questions about the time frame used in the evaluation, the method of how the deductible is accounted for, and the allocation total planting costs to the pre-planting stage.

Q: How were the updated prevented planting coverage factors determined?

After taking into consideration the insightful comments, RMA reconsidered the evaluation’s recommendations and determined appropriate revisions to the evaluations recommendations were necessary.

Based on these revisions by RMA, the final prevented planting coverage factors were determined.

Once this process is complete, the RMA will be created for the product to be returned.

You can view the RMA’s basic information within the RMA section of the order details page.

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Additional detail on the revisions, and their impact on the prevented planting coverage factors is available on RMA’s website.

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