Advice to young man dating unwed mother

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Advice to young man dating unwed mother

Therefore, the Rite of Birth is the first of the 5 major rites and involves initiating the infant into the world through a ritual and naming ceremony.It is the responsibility of the family and community to discover through consultation with elders and/or diviners to determine this mission.You can be with a woman who only tells you she only slept with 3 guys when in reality you may have to add a 0, or two 0’s.You may never know and either way it shouldn’t matter. This should matter in the sense of being fully aware of it, but I support any man being with that woman if you love her regardless of what she may have.

This is why the whole idea of using her number of past partners as criteria is unnecessary.That should not deter you, if anything let it motivate you to just be better and become the best lover she has ever had.All in all I just don’t feel we should be looking at the amount of men she has slept with in the past as evidence for if she is someone to be with.We block love sometimes for all the wrong reasons, and how many men she has previously slept with should never be one of them.Rites of passage play a central role in African socialization, demarking the different stages in an individual’s development, as well as that person’s relationship and role to the broader community– ‘Alik Shahadah Nearly all African cultures believe that the infant has come from the spirit world with important information from that world and is bringing unique talents and gifts; indeed, a unique purpose, mission, message or project to offer to the community and thus a reason for celebration.

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Naming of the infant is seen as an important part of the birthing rite, as it is believed that names have a spiritual vibration which affects the person as an infant, into adult life and beyond.