Isotopic age dating patterson taylor swift dating

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Isotopic age dating patterson

That was possible only after he had spent some five years establishing methods for the separation and isotopic analysis of lead at microgram and sub-microgram levels.

His techniques opened a new field in lead isotope geochemistry for terrestrial as well as for planetary studies.

Harrison Brown had become interested in meteorites, and started a program to measure trace element abundances by the new analytical techniques that were developed during the war years.

The meteorite data would serve to define elemental abundances in the solar system, which, among other applications, could be used to develop models for the formation of the elements.

Patterson started lead measurements in 1948 in a very dusty laboratory in Kent Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus.By 1953 he was finally able to carry out the definitive study, using the troilite (sulfide) phase of the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite to measure the isotopic composition of primordial lead, from which he determined an age for the Earth.The chemical separation was done at Cal Tech, and the mass spectrometer measurements were still made at the University of Chicago in Mark Inghram's laboratory. The answer turned out to be 4.5 billion years, later refined to 4.55 billion years.Mark Inghram, a mass spectrometer expert in the physics department, also played a critical role in new isotope work that would create new dimensions in geochemistry.The university had created a truly exciting intellectual environment, which probably few, possibly none, of the graduate students recognized at the time.

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(I finally also ended up using the mass spectrometer with isotope dilution instead of alpha counting.) In part, our projects would attempt to verify several trace element abundances then prevalent in the meteorite literature which appeared (and turned out to be) erroneous, but Harrison also had the idea that lead isotope data from iron meteorites might reveal the isotopic composition of lead when the solar system first formed.

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