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The current generation of lenses is exemplary and do not require post processing improvements.

If there is some vignetting or distortion, one should work with these characteristics because it is a property of the lens.

It is very simple and reminds one of the wet darkroom in its options and character.

And it is straightforward and discourages manipulations.

The limits of the material are recorded and a technique is developed to tackle the problem.

Ansel Adams did not write to the manufacturers to create better emulsions and chemicals but studied the available products and added his knowledge to the process.

And the third no longer hidden assumption is the idea that a failed photograph is no longer the fault of the operator but of the camera and the software that are not up-to-date or up-to-the-task.In the usual reviews of cameras and software programs there is always a listing of likes and dislikes where the dislikes is often an enumeration of lacking features that the presumed competition offers.The first hidden assumption is the idea that the sum of all features of all cameras will make the perfect camera.Photoshop is capable of producing every shape one wishes and one can compose a picture with carefully selected and manipulated parts and components.This approach produces an Über-reality in the pictorial sense, but as a corollary also a drive for perfection of the tools.

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In such a view the final result is the work of the photographer and if the result is not as hoped for then the photographer takes the blame.

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