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The vast majority were taken in the early to late 90s.

Prior to affordable point and shoot digital cameras, developers began to compete with the local Kodak developer via mail-away service.

However, Niepce's process required eight hours of light exposure to create an image that would soon fade away.

The ability to "fix" an image, or make it permanent, came along later.

Fellow Frenchman Louis Daguerre was also experimenting with ways to capture an image, but it would take him another dozen years before he was able to reduce exposure time to less than 30 minutes and keep the image from disappearing afterward.

Historians cite this innovation as the first practical process of photography.

If I recall correctly even the pre–mail-service developers printed the develop date, not actually when the photo was taken — and that is fine. I found the answer after viewing another site from a link posted here concerning archiving negatives.

Earlier references to the camera obscura have been found in Chinese texts dating to about 400 B. Using the same optical principles as the camera obscura, the magic lantern allowed people to project images, usually painted on glass slides, onto large surfaces.

They soon became a popular form of mass entertainment.

I think you would have more luck trying to identify the age from looking at the contents of the photos themselves.

I am not an expert over old Kodak prints, but these things could help others in identification: Is that a baryta paper (feels like paper on the back side) or a resin coated paper (feels like plastic on the back side)?

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