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Now, everything was going very well up until the point that I felt a hand sliding up my thigh.

I knew that I was wearing a male chastity device, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to react to it, so I kind of freaked out just a bit.

That is the saying that you will hear from people that have tried something and ended up enjoying it immensely.

Whether it is something as simple as a new dish at a restaurant or putting nipple clamps on, there is always a first time for something.

Check out our amazing selection of chastity devices, stainless steel anal toys, extreme mens swimwear and fetish spandex wear at My partner came in from work and asked me if I had ever thought about wearing a chastity cage.Once it got to my house, I was thrilled to try it on for the first time.I did have a few issues with getting my balls through the leather holes in the chastity device, but once they were in it was easy to wear. A lot of guys have problems with getting erections because of the pressure that a chastity device can cause, but I didn’t have that.I was at a party a few months ago, shortly after purchasing my chastity device from, and hooked up with someone that I was really interested in.Things went very well with them and we decided to go back to my house for some coffee.

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When used together with a cock cage you not only control the use of his penis but you control any possible anal sex actitvity.