Dating bad economy

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Dating bad economy

Baldwin then had the toll castle – the Alte Burg ("Old Castle") – expanded, which was also meant to ensure his lordship over the town.

After a short siege, Baldwin had the town stormed and quelled this challenge to his authority, thus absorbing the town of Boppard into the Electorate of Trier.On the other hand, the river was gaining more and more importance as a supply and trade avenue.In the mid 3rd century, the Rhine’s right bank had to be evacuated and conceded to the Germani, thereby making the Rhine the Empire’s border once more.The town’s next documentary mention did not come until the Early Middle Ages.According to this source from 643, Boppard was a Frankish royal estate and an administrative centre of the Bopparder Reich (a Merovingian state).

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Along this part of the river lie the outlying centres of Hirzenach and Bad Salzig, as well as the town’s main centre, also called Boppard.