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Their community is one of the best on the web and it continues to grow as more people discover them.

If they can stay on this track, the momentum they’re building will likely be enough to overtake their competition and make them the new head honcho’s.

Their website transparently provides information about .

And to my surprise, they go above and beyond by having a beautiful web design that makes them stand out as one of the best sex chat sites.

Another slight issue is that when you’re not logged in, you show up as a guest.

So eventually you have to register a free account if you want a username to be known as.

Each room has a preview image of the user hosting it, and when hovering over the image it shows a sneak peak of their live webcam before even having to enter.

I thought that was a pretty cool and useful feature.

Their entire experience is quite pleasant and desirable, but there were still a few minor drawbacks that I noticed., which could be a detail that’s an issue for some people.

Below are a few free chat platforms that utilize Whoa Girls and deserve a mention.

Flirtlu is a free sex chat site that integrates Whoa Girls live cams into the girls section of their website.

We like to think we’re pretty experienced in the online chat industry here at i Heart Guys since many of our staff members have been using (and running) chat sites for the past 15 years.

That dates all the way back to the good ole’ days of Yahoo Chat Rooms (which shut down in late 2012).

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