Miquita oliver dating

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Miquita oliver dating

She is best known for being the former host of Channel 4's Popworld.

She also ran her own show The Month With Miquita, on 4Music for about half a decade.

The show featured (and terrorised) pop stars from Britney Spears to Beenie Man and Gwen Stefani and was a weekend staple. I would probably have done Popworld until I was 60.’ We wish you had, Miquita… Miquita took a job on T4 in 2007, but lost her job three years later when she was overheard insulting Kesha – with Kesha’s management listening in.

Moving on Miquita and Simon left the show after five years in 2006, with Miquita revealing, ‘The thing about Popworld is it became such a luxury to be doing this great show every week, and to have people stop you in the street and say it’s good. And things didn’t get much better when Miquita had to file for bankruptcy in 2011 after an unpaid tax bill.

Neneh Cherry, 34 (top), is the step-daughter of the jazz trumpeter Don Cherry. We'd cook together, and at the same time we'd have this pot of hot toddy at the side.

She was born in Stockholm and moved to London in 1980. We'd boil this whisky because we thought that would make it stronger.

We speak to each other about twice a day on the phone. But Andrea experienced people around her being really snidey and weird, like, "What's it like being left behind? We quite often say to each other, we're becoming like one of those Alice Walker books, our story is getting deep and expansive.I walked in and Sean went, "This is Neneh." We kind of went, "Ah, hi! If I hadn't met her I think I'd be more scared of being me. And when you see somebody you love displaying their magic, it's a beautiful thing. We'll get drunk or whatever and we'll sit up until three in the morning and at about a quarter to three we'll start to weep. It's just the time that we've had together that makes us cry. It only takes her 20 minutes.) I can remember looking into her eyes throughout her wedding day, just incredulous that we were these grown-ups and she was getting married again. We have brought each other through some hell and some glory; some absolutely beautiful, joyful moments and some really painful times. Because there's something about the way I see Neneh, and I think probably in the way she sees me, where we remain 16 and 17. And every now and again we remember that we're really old bags! Neneh and my brother Sean loved each other enormously, and when he died nine years ago, Neneh didn't express the way she felt about it in front of me for a good couple of years, until she felt I could take it. She just nursed me through it until it was safe for her to let her own pain out. She's much better at loving herself now which I'm really happy about, because I want her to love herself - in case I'm not about. The things that have changed are marriages, boyfriends ... She's just bought a new house and a proper big fridge.

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Her first marriage was to a drummer, Bruce Smith, and the couple had a daughter, Naima. Andrea Oliver, 35, was brought up in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I came from a more bohemian, on-the-move sort of family, and she came from a much straighter background, but we were both breaking out of that environment and finding ourselves. So we thought we were getting drunk, but in fact there'd be no alcohol left in it. There's been a lot of coming home in the early mornings after funny nights out, having bizarre sandwiches in bed. They'd look at us and have these lurid fantasies about the two of us. We were quite young and we gave each other confidence. For instance, when my dad was dying, Andrea was incredibly supportive.