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The truth is, we all have a lot of things in common, but that thing is really special to me.

Even Aziz is like, “When have we seen an Indian man and all these black women in one scene?

In my other stuff, I had no desire to tell that story, so I was like, “Why not tell it in this way, with this character who people seem to really connect with and love? We took some creative license and combined my stuff and some things with Denise, but everything from the house, the way the room looked, they pulled.

” It’s also great to give Dev and Denise an origin story. I gave the production designers pictures of my room as a teenager, pictures of my grandma’s house, of my mom and what she wore.

We talked about writing the episode with Ansari, how she geeked out with Angela Bassett on set, and why it’s important for her to be visible as an out-and-proud black lesbian. I didn’t set out to do that this season; I don’t think Aziz did either.

The “Thanksgiving” episode is just the beginning for Waithe, who is the creator behind the upcoming Showtime series .

We were all obsessed with her because Aziz, myself, and Aniz, Aziz’s younger brother, are all obsessed with . And all these people were so kind, because in the episode we actually zoom in on these pictures, and they had to allow us the rights to use their image, so we were really grateful. My girlfriend says I’m the first woman she’s ever dated. I think that’s so “Denise,” like, “Oh, did you turn her? So I never really came out to anyone other than my sister and my mom. I knew I wasn’t going to be disowned, but the dynamic of your relationships change a little bit. That’s another thing about hindsight: hearing it then but understanding it now, and what that really means. I’m happy I got to tell that story, because I think that’s the root of most parents.

Angela has had a long career and done a lot of things but we’re like, “Uh, no, you’re Michael Jackson’s mom.” We will literally quote that movie to each other all the time. We were eating it — the mac ‘n’ cheese, the freaking dressing, it was good. Karyn Parsons, who played Hilary Banks on , is apparently a fan of the show so she was like, “Yeah, you can use my picture.” The big one was Jennifer Aniston, when I was 16. ” and I’m like, “No, I swear I didn’t.” She came for me! But it was really just that one person for me, and we were in a diner — all that stuff is real — and it was post college. The part when she says, “I just don’t want life to be hard for you” really hit me. They may be buried or shrouded in other things, but when you strip everything away, that’s what it is: They want their children to lead a happy, “normal” life.

I was really into that as well.” So we really bonded even more doing this episode, and Angela was someone who we were like, “Okay, now we gotta step it up. And maybe because it was a collaboration between you and Aziz, but it feels like there’s this organic solidarity that emerged, in this case, between black and Indian-American people.

Yes, and it was born out of the natural love and chemistry Aziz and I have.

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