Digivox not updating

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Digivox not updating

This posting is supposed to be one of about three - this one dealing with the basics, one with CAT-type rig control, and one with the software and modes. Since my first data contact - RTTY on 20 metres using a Creed teleprinter 35 years ago - to my latest - 4 metre meteor scatter using computer generated FSK441 on 20 July 2015 - nothing fundamental has changed. Just like World Peace, it will be great once we finish building it..Here is the audio lead I used to get started with the FT-450:- You can make them up yourself though I bought this one on e Bay. You plug the mini-DIN into the rig and the 3.5mm stereo plugs into the sound card of your computer. But the FT-817 does not, and neither does the IC-7100.There are two 3.5mm stereo audio plugs as your computer sound card has separate audio in (sometimes marked "mic" or "line in" at different signal levels) and audio out (sometimes marked "speakers" or "headphones"). So for them you will need some sort of switching for the PTT as well as the audio lead. It works and I have used it many times, but the problems which arise can make life difficult.

If there is a tone you are sending the rig, you are swtiched to tx, if not, then you are in rx. All you need to send PSK or whatever is the audio lead from your computer, and when the rig detects the audio tone it will go into transmit automatically.So all you need to do is to plug the audio leads into the computer and the mini-DIN into the rig, and the switching is taken care of automatically.This turns a rig without digi-VOX into one with digi-VOX, but does not really solve any of the problems. At this stage you will also have noticed that you are plugged into your computer's sound card, in the case of a lap top you have silenced the speakers, and in the case of a desk top you have had to unplug the speakers.Nor will I deal here with any system which uses switching rather than audio tones.For a time rigs offered ways to send RTTY direct from the teleprinter, and these still hang around, but they are not really practical for many modes we use now.

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Recently, when I received my Yaesu FT-450, I started off using it on data modes with just a single audio lead.