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While the programme will be hosted by Paul, Melanie will be the voiceover - formerly a part taken on by Graham Skidmore, nicknamed "our Graham" by the show's late presenter Cilla Black.

It's that time of year again when we're all determined to kick start our healthy eating regime and start heading to the gym.

I’m fit and healthy and I have to be because I’ve got two children."I couldn’t give a s*** about looking good in a bikini.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing bikinis and getting maximum tannage, I’m a sun worshipper.

She has her wet hair pushed away from her face in the raunchy snaps, with her smokey make-up smudged underneath her eyes.

Melanie Sykes has landed a role on the Blind Date reboot alongside Paul O'Grady.

Weighted donkey kicks pour moi #gym #vegas #training #shoot #nike"Mel has always been open about maintaining her incredible body, with her previously describing herself as "longer and leaner" than she used to be.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: "I started keeping fit in my 30s, it was an investment for me in my 40s and I think it’s paid off.

to shoot her charity calendar in the desert - certainly isn't afraid to show off the results of her intense workouts and her latest post showed off her washboard abs and enviable cleavage once again.

Once the couple began dating, they made every effort to hide their blossoming relationship away from prying eyes and avoid leaks to the press." They ended up meeting for a date and have had a whole series of secret dates at his house where she will sometimes stay overnight.

"They have both been determined for nobody to find out.

But before than, the pair sunbathed topless, with Olly making devious plans to prank Mark.

In a video shared on his Instagram story, Olly says: “I can’t believe it’s raining in LA” before his pal - who is distracted by his phone - replies “you what? Tteir day got even better when Olly got to meet Kim, and the Troublemaker singer shared a snap with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star on his social media.

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It’s been a bit off and on and there’s a real physical attraction between them.”OK!

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