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It's also worth noting that if Kylie were to get into a new relationship shortly after a split from Tyga, it'd actually be fairly out of character to make it so obvious in the form of appearances and sitting courtside. Of course, Kylie and Travis could really be dating and it could be an adorable match. A source confirmed to PEOPLE that the 27-year-old rapper is embarking on a new relationship — with Kim Kardashian look-alike Kamilla Osman. “He’s really into her.” The news comes after sources confirmed to PEOPLE that Tyga’s ex, Kylie Jenner, is pregnant with her and Travis Scott‘s first child.Actually, hold on, we have to address how tangled everything in the Kardashian family is with their various exes.If you'll recall, Kylie's last boyfriend was Blac Chyna's baby daddy, and Blac Chyna dated and was engaged to Rob Kardashian and they had a child together.Some of the sources on these reports were credible, but then again, there are so many rumors surrounding Kylizzle's love life that it can be hard to keep them all straight.(It wasn't all that long ago that the Internet was insisting that Kylie and Drake are dating.) everyone they're actually a couple.

You preview clip shows Kylie consulting a shaman about her relationship. He's inside, looking at you." We don't know anything about this shaman and we're not going to tell anyone what to believe.(You remember that Kylie Jenner went to Peru) The shaman's response (and keep in mind that this episode was almost certainly filmed months ago) was ... "It's actually very good, There is one person that is very interested. We also have no idea what Kylie herself might believe.A lot of the times, celebs and realtiy stars attend spiritual things just for the cameras. Still, if things do come to a halt between Kylie and Travis, she won't have any problem finding her next rapper that nobody's heard of.they were spotted walking with looped arms at Bentley University.THEN they were spotted together in Boston, where Travis had a gig.

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AND THEN they were seen walking out of the same hotel. And finally, last night, Kylie Jenner - along with Kendall and Bella Hadid - popped along to celebrate Travis Scott's birthday. There are no pictures of Kylie with Travis at the party just yet, but it looks like she had a great time.

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