Aj and cathy nguyen dating

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Aj and cathy nguyen dating

They weren’t trying to sell like, “Oh, we have this huge music library that you can cover songs.”It really just happened. Like we just had to do it, and I was like, “I don’t wanna hear it! We just had a distributor who just distributed for us and was sharing my numbers as if I was an artist on a record label.I went into Petsmart one day — no, Petco — and I saw this ball python, and they are just like little babies, and they were just looking at me through the glass, and I was like, “Dang, I want one! I’m not really sure why that happened, but once my mom said no, I started looking for the next best thing, so I got a blue-tongued skink because I was doing my research on different reptiles and like reptiles that are easy to take care of, because snake is probably the easiest thing you can take care of truly. So that was really cool to get that happening without that.

I want to make my money on my own, and I think that is a huge part of Maker. So I was looking at ways of how to do this online, and basically I have to get my best friend Dusty to smash it with, smash the head with — not smash the head, like knock it out really hard with the bottom of a really heavy cup. Like the guy is feeding the snake, and he’s like, “Hold on,” and he goes [mimes neck-breaking] with his own hand. ” And it was just dead, and we put it in the thing, and he ate it because he thought it was still alive. When I released “Red Roses,” my distribution company — first of all, we got “Red Roses” into Target and Best Buy without having a label.I think more Asian Americans watch You Tube because it is pretty much the only place where they can watch Asian Americans.It’s tough, and I’ve talked about this in a lot of these interviews when they talk about the Asian-American thing is that — well, it’s funny; I don’t even think there is even an Asian on “Glee” anymore this season, but when Harry Shum was on “Glee,” nobody knew his name.And of course having my whole family and just being happy I think.I truly — even when I first put together my band and things like this, we were all getting excited. We’re going to be huge, we are going to play for stadiums and stuff,” but really that stuff doesn’t matter to me anymore.

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I think we are doing more good than we think we are by showing ourselves on You Tube and things like that.