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Lost and damned dating

Lost and Damned shares a lot of GTA IV's strengths, too.

Voice acting and dialog is once again top-notch and very entertaining. Johnny, the main character, tends to be reluctant, but like all GTA protagonists, goes along with the plan eventually.

There is a recycled mode carried over from San Andreas, the Gang War, which got slimmed down to specific zones on the map.

It's completely optional, contrary to CJ's adventure, which tended to lead a lot of players into insanity keeping all of the zones in check. With a sparse list of differences, controlling Johnny is just as clunky as Niko, from the shooting to the simplest of movements.

[image3]Among the arsenal upgrades are a sawed-off shotgun that can be used while driving, pipe bombs a la Left 4 Dead (fuse included), and a mini automatic rifle that would make the Governator proud.

Moreover, the story tends to take a turn towards the lost, pardon the pun, once you get to the middle end of the main "quest" mode.

And like GTA IV, by the end of the game, you won't have much of a sense of completion or connection to your character.

The "pop and shoot" cover system continues to be cumbersome to deal with, leading to lots of hide and seek between you and the enemy that you are locked on to...

if you can lock on to anyone that is, since a lot of times even enemies in plain sight seem to have stealth bomber capabilities (lucky them...).

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The main benefit added is the mid-level checkpoints; no longer is death a cause for an annoying revert back to the beginning.