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A Wussy is a guy who feels that he needs to BUY or PAY FOR a woman's attention and affection with gifts, dinners, compliments, and other forms of payment and flattery...because he can't imagine that a woman would want to be with him just for HIM.In short, a WUSSY is a submissive man who tries to compensate for his lack of ability to attract women by being overly accommodating and generous.Andi's new book is coming out in January (Us Weekly).

^.^ ive met soo many awesome people in here over the years!

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And if that wasn't bad enough, here's the REALLY bad news: Women will NEVER feel ATTRACTION for this kind of behavior, or this kind of guy!

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Many industry experts think that the firm could have found other solutions to chat-room problems than eliminating them altogether.

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  1. Their exchanges took on extra significance in Saudi Arabia as it could constitute a violation of the conservative country's cyber crime law which prohibits producing material that harms public order, morals or religious values.