Dwt template not updating

Posted by / 12-Apr-2019 05:29

A: New videos were added that cover technology improvements in Auto CAD Electrical 2018, and show how to explore the user interface, manage files and options, navigate in a drawing, and document content.

(Unfortunately, I can not post the dwgs in here) I have run several tests (along with our IS/IT dept) and feel confident in saying it is not our network that is the issue on this.

If I uninstall the Object Enabler, it goes back to opening in 45 secs.

(L and L** are the same computer testing with and without the Object Enabler installed on ADT).

All programs are closed out and all other dwgs are closed out as well.

It typically gets to 99% and you can see the dwg, but it freezes and if you go into task manager it states that the program is not responding, but if you sit and wait the program eventually pops back to life and you see the command line.

Auto CAD Electrical is a powerful Auto CAD add-on for electrical designers and engineers, offering automated drafting tools for designing wiring, circuiting, PLC modules, panels, and data and schedules.

I'd bet that if you were unload all the x-refs, save the drawing in a flat 2d view, close it, and try to open it, it should open right up.

There are other dwgs that we have that deals with more duct and piping (3d objects) that take similar amounts of time. There is only one of the xrefs that has an attached grid that is pulled in.

It consistently takes 7mins-9mins to open this dwg, different people, different computers, and different connections to the network.

Learn how to design wiring diagrams, insert components and terminals, use PLC symbols in ladder diagrams, perform point-to-point wiring, create custom symbols, add annotations like title blocks to drawings, and run reports.

In the final chapters, Shaun shows how to set up Auto CAD Electrical to your liking by adjusting settings and customizing the built-in templates, and demonstrates how to reuse, copy, export, and verify drawings.

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I thought I would try binding the dwg (we have to do that every once in awhile to send to our customers) in ADT07 (without the Object Enabler) but it will not bind the xrefs with 3d duct in them. My guess is because it can not interpret the info inside of the 3d duct objects.