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You will often find new Cases added to the board but make sure you always give priority to the red labeled Cases if you want to progress with the main story quicker.Certain Cases are unlocked on an almost random basis, with something as simple as speaking to a ! You get this as your first introduction to the Case system off the whiteboard in the Kuremi Detective Agency.Like most living things, trees possess imperfections in their physical architecture that can result in structural weaknesses. The most common defects include: When appropriate, certified arborists from Tree Specialists install structural braces to add supplemental support to tree defects.While this does not eliminate the possibility of tree failure, it reduces failure potential and allows us preserve trees that might otherwise break apart or have to be removed.After you speak with Ryota again head to the Kowloon 3 stage and head to the left in the second room. After collecting the Case from the whiteboard go to the entrance hall of Nakano Broadway and interact with the food shop on the right, next to the normal shop.Then interact with the food shop on the other side. Rewards: 900 Yen, 500 CSP, Bank Expansion Drive This Case opens when you speak with Ryota in the K-Cafe during Chapter 9. Head to the alleyway near the subway and speak with the Student and the Nokia.Rewards: 1000 Yen, 500 CSP, Panic Barrier You unlock Ryota’s Youth Case as you progress through the story.After speaking with Ryota in the K-Cafe you’ll need to return to the Detective Agency to pick up the Case and move forward. To speak with the first NPC stay on the first floor of Nakano Broadway head to the left of the Detective Agency and you’ll see an NPC with a briefcase near where you first inspected a broken AC unit.

As you progress through the story it’s a good idea to check the whiteboard inside the Kuremi Detective Agency as regularly as possible.Rewards: 1000 Yen, 300 CSP, Bank Expansion Drive When you use the Investigate option at the Digi Farm your Digimon will often uncover Cases relating to your own Digimon.They usually ask you to head to a specific location and find the item.Then ask the merchant to look into the little girls eyes and he will drop the price once again, to 6,000 Yen.Ask him to drop it a further 1,000 Yen and he will. You will need to use your Stealth Hack to get past the military guards.

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We install both cable brace systems and rod braces to reinforce defects in both shade trees and ornamental tree species.