Posted by / 27-May-2019 16:58

The characters are great too, some to mention are Erica, Kikki, Danny, Alex and many more who all play a part!

It is a great game and the graphics are awesome, yes I know it is just conversations and your not really walking around and there are no mini games and no real stylus use, but I still think this game is worthy and is still fab!

And the game is good as the picture looks.people do have there a oppion but there is a good and bad way of saying it and not try to ruin for everyone else.

You'll find yourself repeating the same levels many of times in order to complete. Overall I'd have to agree with the other reviewers, this is basically a socialising game where you have to say and do the right things in the right order..

or else you mess up and have to start all over again.

), but once you forgive it then there's plenty of gameplay in this.

This game has roots in Japanese Hentai games, but don't expect any of that in Sprung - it's a (perhaps slightly generously rated) Teen game.


Taking place between ski lifts, to clubs, to place of work.