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Orthodoxy and dating

It is no longer an issue in the Conservative Jewish movement, which was more concerned with interfaith marriages and ruled years ago that Kohein/non-Kohein marriages could be performed without issue, and that the Kohein does lose his status nor do his offspring.This never has been an issue within the Reform movement, which came about to make some sense of the antiquated and inexplicable facets of Judaism and essentially, the religion. Ahavath Torah in Englewood, an orthodox synagogue, says "These are Torah mandated rules that are still in force today.Following the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 C.E., many of the laws and practices are still maintained in traditional Judaism, except those which could only be followed in the actual presence of the Temple." There is some question about 'loopholes.' Some say there is no "defrocking" of a Kohein while others insist one progressive Orthodox rabbi performed a marriage ceremony between a Kohein and a divorcee. A destined, loving union between two Jews was at stake (He was traveling outside of the country and I could not get in touch with him for this article).The Kohanim there performed specific rituals in accordance with days of the week and festivals.

I think Kohanim either see this as a source of pride, or it's like keeping kosher -- one just doesn't find one's self tempted by non-kosher food for the most part.

For what it's worth, my own two cents on this is that it is easy to identify a case where a Kohein falls in love with someone ineligible and a narrative of thwarted love worthy of Shakespeare or Disney could be woven.

I think that could be a troubling narrative, but it's probably a mostly false positive.

There is a difference however between these marriages and other prohibited relationships under Torah law (e.g. In those other cases we consider it as if the marriage was never consecrated-the individuals are involved in forbidden relationships-but they are not married.

In the case of the Kohanim the marriage is legal but forbidden.

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, the Hebrew word for priests, would belong in that category.

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