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Hearing impaired dating

Of course, as seniors entering the dating scene, there are some age-specific concerns, for example, whether portable oxygen tanks can be put aside to tango or how to hear your date in a crowded restaurant. We at Audicus can’t recommend “The Age of Love” enough.It’s important to see which dating behaviors work later in life and which no longer serve us and how to maneuver some of these issues with hearing loss. In fact, we hosted a sold-out screening of the documentary here in NYC!Especially in today’s world of online dating where profile pictures are everything and computer algorithms are doing much of the matching. Perhaps she speaks softly or he covers his mouth with his hands. The environment is probably the most important condition for a successful date. How does it impact the types of dates that work best? Many of my friends with hearing loss say that if they cannot hear someone well on the first date, there is never a second date.Plus, bringing up your hearing aid first thing might not be the smoothest way to start a conversation. By the same token, don’t be afraid to let your date know you need to meet in a quiet place in order to hear. At this point, most seniors are dealing with various health issues and will understand.

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