Dating lt slovenia

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Dating lt slovenia

The European Broadcasting Union, however, did not see it as a copy, and therefore the song was not disqualified.

The song is written by Urša Vlašič and composed by Matjaž Vlašič.

The front façade, oriented toward Turjak Street, was designed as a combination of brick and stone embeddings, some of them archeological remains from the place.

It was modelled in the manner of the Italian palazzo, similar to the house of the Italian architect Federico Zuccari.

In 1930–31, plans for a new building were created by Jože Plečnik.

Initially the project encountered resistance by the Yugoslavian authorities based in Belgrade.

The song, performed in English in Athens as "Mr Nobody", did not come in the top 10 in the semi-final, finishing 16th with 49 points, therefore not qualifying for the final.

Around 1774, after the dissolution of Jesuits, the Lyceum Library formed from the remains of the Jesuit Library and several monastery libraries.

Many polemics and discussions were raised after this - people and media wondering if jury did this on purpose.

More dispute was caused when accusations were made that the song was a copy of a song called Santa Maria sung by Austrian singer Simone, therefore breaking the contest rules.

In 1919, it was named State Reference Library and started to collect legal deposit copies from the entire Slovenia of the time.

In the same year, the University of Ljubljana (the first Slovenian university) was established and the library served its needs too.

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In 2011, the library kept about 1,307,000 books, 8,700 manuscripts, and numerous other text, visual and multimedia resources, and was (in 2010) subscribed to 7900 periodicals.